Pocket Tours iPhone apps

Pocket Tours is the worlds first application to utilise fully all of the functionality of the iPhone. We have selected a number of Western European battlefields which have had a major impact on our recent past. The tours feature a map of the area showing a number of points of interest.

A world renowned expert describes what happened, who was involved and how this shaped history. You will be see photographs, hear sound clips, see film footage and using augmented reality you will be able to see what it would have looked like on the ground to those who were involved. The GPS function will then guide you from point to point and you can see how events unfolded.

The lite version will give you an overview of what happened. The general release will describe the overall battle and give a summary of what took place. It will be fully functional but the content has been kept to a minimum so those who are on a tight schedule can experience the tour.

The full version will be released later in the year and will have all of the detail that anyone who is interested in history can use to fully immerse themselves in an important part of our past. A Google Earth version is also available for those who are interested in experiencing the tour but who don’t have an iPhone or who don’t have the ability to visit the sites in person

The first draft of the YouTube video describing the Battle of Arnhem is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6xTSNaaw9o

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