Pocket Tours

Imagine walking over the ground that shaped history and having an expert explain the events as they unfolded. Imagine seeing images and hearing from the people who were actually there. Imagine looking at 21st Century places where 20th Century history was created. The incredible new Pocket Tours app brings this history to life via your own iPhone.

Using the very latest in GPS technology, and content from world renowned experts, the Pocket Tours app will help you to experience history as never before. The unique augmented reality system will allow you to look back on the past. See ruins rebuilt, view battle lines and picture the people who made it happen; all laid out on real time images from your iPhone’s camera. Intuitive, easy to use mapping will guide you through all of the key sites. Video and sound clips will bring the past to life unlike any tour before.

If you are unable to get to the battle site, no problems. All content is available offline so the Pocket Tours App is great as an education resource.

Be part of the experience… Pocket Tours is now available – download it now and help us bring history to life.

Pocket Tours is the worlds first application to utilise fully all of the functionality of the iPhone. We have selected a number of Western European battlefields which have had a major impact on our recent past. Each tour features a map of the area showing a number of points of interest.

A world renowned expert describes what happened, who was involved and how this shaped history. You will be see photographs, hear sound clips, see film footage and using augmented reality you will be able to see what it would have looked like on the ground to those who were involved. The GPS function will then guide you from point to point and you can see how events unfolded.


NO INTERNET/3G CONNECTION REQUIRED - Designed for offline use so you don't need to pay for high overseas data charges.

EASY TO USE – You have an iPhone so you know how to use it

EXPERIENCED GUIDE – The guides are experts. They bring to life what took place and describe what it was like on the ground when it was happening. It is much easier to understand how things happened when you see where they took place.

YOU WON'T GET LOST – You can navigate easily with offline map that always shows where you are and in which direction you are looking (only with built-in compass).

UP - TO - DATE – Obviously the historic tours don’t change as time passes. We are however always updating things and looking for more information to make the tours more interesting.

SCALABLE MAP - Put your index finger together with your thumb and place them on the part of the iPhone’s screen that you want to zoom in on. Then, drag your fingers apart, sending each one towards the opposite edge of the screen. This will zoom in on page. The text and images will appear blurry for a moment and then the iPhone will make them crisp and clear again. To zoom out of the page, put your fingers at opposite ends of the screen and drag them towards each other, meeting in the centre of the screen.

AUGMENTED REALITY – Coming soon as a free update. Turn the phone on its side and look at the screen. The camera will show you a view with superimposed images showing where things took place and what they looked like at the time.

DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR A TOUR? – Get in touch mark@mj-assoc.co.uk It is much easier to do than you think. We will lead you through the process and within a few weeks your tour could be on sale and generating income!


  • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • The GPS signal is very weak in covered areas
  • Take a real map to make sure you know where you are. Don’t rely on the GPS alone
  • Apps are currently available only on Apple’s iPhone platform. With future releases we be expanding onto other GPS-enabled smartphones.

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